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Youngbee Dale has published several studies on Commercial Sex Market in the U.S., including Beyond Massage Parlors: Exposing Commercial Sex Market of Korean Women (2017) and Money Laundering in the Commercial Sex Market in the United States (2019), and others. With her expertise, she has trained numerous entities on the issue of Asian trafficking and organized crimes. 

After the shooting in Atlanta, Georgia in 2021, she was invited to train law enforcement officers and prosecutors to combat Asian trafficking in the region. Others include assistant U.S. attorneys in the Eastern District of North Carolina (September 2021), NYPD (May 2021), and local law enforcement officers around the U.S. She has also served as an expert witness for trafficking survivors and sexual assault victims of Korean and Chinese massage parlor cases.

Sample of Publications:

– Dale, Youngbee, and Amy Levesque. “Beyond massage parlors: Exposing the Korean commercial sex market in the United States.” Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence 2.4 (2017): 4.
– Dale, Youngbee. “Money laundering in the commercial sex market in the United States.” Dignity: A Journal of Analysis of Exploitation and Violence 4.4 (2019): 1.
– Dale, Youngbee. “Visa fraud in the commercial sex market in the United States: an overview.” Dignity: a journal of analysis of exploitation and violence 6.1 (2021): e1-e1.

Expert at Break the Chain LLC

Ms. Dale is an acclaimed immigration and trafficking expert. A copy of her Curriculum Vitae can be found HERE and a letter of reference is available HERE.

Youngbee Dale is based in Columbus, Ohio. Since 2005, she has served sex and labor trafficking victims in the U.S. and abroad.